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Have you wondered if your lead generation efforts could be improved? What website design changes on your site could increase the number of leads or sales you receive? I can help you identify some areas of improvement and run experiments to improve results.

I have experience working with various industries including: industrial manufacturing, engineering services, B2B software, construction, and utilities. I use my skills as a web designer and digital marketer to help grow your business.

Business problems I can help solve

  • Increase online search traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • More consistent flow of qualified leads
  • Create a website that visually represents your brand and positioning

Web Design & SEO Company Utica, Michigan

Website Design & Development ServicesUtica, Michigan

  • Custom HubSpot CMS Themes and Templates
  • Landing Page Template Design
  • Blog Template Design
  • New Website Design or Redesigns / Rebranding
  • UI UX Design, Adobe XD wireframing
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SEO & Digital Marketing Services Utica, Michigan

  • Run A/B Experiments to Test Performance of Landing Pages
  • Improve the User Experience of Website Pages
  • Make websites load faster
  • Competitive keyword research
  • Customer persona development
  • Content marketing plan
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing Consulting
  • Local SEO and Google My Business Listing Optimization
  • Google Ads Campaign Management
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Monthly Website Webmaster Maintenance Services Utica, Michigan

  • Monthly website content updates and maintenance - Image and text updates
  • Minor style or layout changes
  • The development of new theme templates
  • Plugin upgrades
  • CMS Supported: WordPress, HubSpot, and Shopify
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Email Marketing Services Utica, Michigan

  • Custom Email Newsletter Design & Development
  • Email marketing strategy consulting
  • Email subscription page design
  • Email marketing automation strategy
  • Platforms Supported: HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Sendgrid
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Graphic Design Services Utica, Michigan

  • Brochure design and edits
  • Booklet design and edits
  • Folder design and edits
  • Social media post graphics
  • Website banners and advertisments
  • Print collateral design and print production
  • Files Supported: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
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Jacob Lett - Digital Marketing Consultant

Jacob Lett 541613
Website graphic design and digital marketing services. Specializing in responsive WordPress sites, search engine optimization, and marketing support for local businesses.
Clinton Township
United States
(586) 258-8627

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