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Lead Generation WordPress Theme Design

The objective was to demonstrate competency and then drive the visitor to take action with a quote. I lowered the color saturation on the tile images so they don’t overpower the carousel and quote widget. The black horizontal band and phone number above was inspired by the magnetic strip found on the back of cards. The quote request form streamlines the process and provides confirmation email to the customer.

  • Role Logo redesign, responsive website design, and front-end development
  • Technology Custom designed responsive WordPress theme
  • Timeline One month
  • Client Custom Card Co.

Jacob provided excellent communication throughout concept, design and build process. Timelines were adhered to and goals were met or exceeded. End product was as expected, creative liberties were granted and used with positive results. Mike A., owner

Logo design rationale

Logo was redesigned to work better in small sizes especially on mobile devices where vertical space is at a minimum. The colored card and readable business name quickly communicates the service you provide.

Color and typography rationale

The color scheme was selected based on the subdued palette will suggest a “blank slate“ or modern style often seen in design applications and design publications. The blue color will be used for actions like links, buttons, and areas of interest. he headline font Oswald matches up well with your logo font and is condensed horizontally making it great for navigation menus. Body font Open Sans is great for legibility on small screens and is the default font used on Android devices.

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