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Financial Website Redesign

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Financial Website Redesign

Financial Website Redesign

I was responsible for creating interior page templates that would remain visually consistent with the existing homepage design. I worked closely with a team of developers and content writers to develop a series of page templates to support our site architecture and content. Once a working prototype was tested and approved, I then began to find appropriate photography for the entire site. In addition, I coordinated code changes with third-party vendors to ensure visual consistency between our sites after launch. Using red sparingly for links and buttons created a visual hierarchy and a clear path to a desired action for each page.

  • Role User interface/experience design, vendor coordination, and site promotion graphics
  • Technology Adobe Photoshop, Textmate, and Adobe CQ5 CMS
  • Timeline Seven months
  • Employer Flagstar Bank - Troy, Michigan
  • ( flagstar.com

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